Education System in Georgia

Georgia is located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia.  It’s located at the intersection between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Turkey, Armenia, Russia, Azerbaijan and the Black Sea form the boundaries of the country.

Georgia, because of its mountainous regions of Caucasus has a diverse climate in comparison to its size. The climate varies from hot and humid to cool and dry depending on the regions. Rainfall is high in some parts of Georgia.

The Education System of Georgia has made education compulsory for children aged between 6 and 14 years. The system for education has seen considerable change and modernization. The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia administers the education system. Courses and programs offered are numerous and varied.

In a learners life in Georgia education takes following routes:

Primary Education: Primary Education in Georgia is delivered by Elementary Schools. Students enter elementary schools at the age of 6 for Standard 1 and completes 6 years of education here, i.e. Class 1 to 6.

Middle School Education: After completion 6 years of school study students in Georgia get enrolled for 3 years in Middle Schools. Here they complete Standard 7 to 9.

Secondary Education: Standard 10 to 12 makes part of Secondary School Studies in Georgia. At this stage students chose study streams from group of different subjects offered.

Vocational Secondary Education: This is parallel education to general secondary and offered to candidates after completion of 9 years of School Education. Various vocational streams are offered. 

Post Secondary Education: Also called Territory Vocational Education offered to candidates who after secondary school chose for job oriented study programmes. Course duration is generally 2 Years.

Territory Education: Also called Higher Education or University Education. After completion of Secondary Education programme whether General or Vocational candidates can chose to study Undergraduate programmes leading to award of Bachelor's degree. Further they can go for Masters, Business Masters and Research programmes. For details see Universities in Georgia.

For latest updates about Education in Georgia refer to official website Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (
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